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28 Students Assisted With Student Loans Through Krinjal Connect

Given the pandemic and its complex implications on Nepali students, Krinjal provided a total of $7236 as loans to 28 students. This comprised 19 students in the US and 9 in Australia. Out of the total students who received this loan, 19 have already paid their amount back. We have always believed in creating impacts through small ways and hope that this initiative could become a force of positive impact for all the students.

Meeting Young Intellects With Krinjal Connect

Meeting Young Intellects With Krinjal Connect

At Krinjal Connect, we facilitate a space for professionals to network and learn. This month, we organized 3 different sessions with exemplary individuals – Mr. Bijaya Gautam, Software Architect, (Apple, Qualcomm, Intuit); Mr. Prashanna Tiwaree, Director of Product, (Mastercard); and Mr.Kalyan Baniya, Entrepreneur/Founder at Kuti Farms.

Each of these virtual sessions was interactive, informative, and reflected the individual’s journey with the participation of almost 120 people. This initiative of Krinjal works in helping fellow Nepalis get mentorship and brings together individuals from different backgrounds to learn, facilitate and grow together.

Kalyan Baniya, one of the guests.

If you wish to participate in more of our future Krinjal Connect Sessions, please visit for further information.