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Rural Scholarship Programs Introduced by Shikshya Dikshya

We have initiated new scholarship combinations for the rural students who have their school fees waived by the government, yet cannot afford other aspects of education like uniforms, stationery, and shoes. After comprehensive research by Shikshya Dikshya, we have identified a cost limit that would incorporate two sets of uniforms – shirts, pants, or tracksuits, one pair of shoes, and a dozen set of copies and pens. Under the first phase of this program, we will be assisting 30 students from Far Western Nepal. The students are identified and verified, ready to match with new sponsors for the incoming academic year.

If you want to support these students of Far West Nepal through the Shikshya Dikshya Rural Scholarship Program, visit and fill out the form.

Introducing Support Group by Pahilo Kadam

Pahilo Kadam is a mental health assistance program initiated by Krinjal that creates a space for mental health conversation and assists people seeking mental health-related help. To support each other for better wellbeing of mental health, we have initiated a Support Group, where anyone can join in to share and learn from their peers and experts to assist towards a healthy state of mind. The support group will comprise counseling psychologists who will moderate the session and ensure each individual in the support group receives equally needed guidance. These sessions will take place in both mediums – virtually and physically, and hold a high moral obligation to respect each individual’s privacy.

If you wish to ask a counselor anonymously or know more about different projects like this under Pahilo Kadam, please visit for further information.

Phase II of Techie Nepal Launching

Phase II of Techie Nepal Launching

Techie Nepal is a STEM skill generation program for students of classes 9-12 from rural areas which provide technical skills like python coding and digital designing. For the first phase, a total of 30 students participated from 4 different schools, where the students were introduced to the process of algorithm development alongside basic concepts and execution of Python programming. The second phase for this has been planned and will be launched from next month where an advanced technique of prior discussed data programming skills would be taught to students from different schools.

To know more about the upcoming activities, and phases of Techie Nepal, keep yourself updated at

28 Students Assisted With Student Loans Through Krinjal Connect

Given the pandemic and its complex implications on Nepali students, Krinjal provided a total of $7236 as loans to 28 students. This comprised 19 students in the US and 9 in Australia. Out of the total students who received this loan, 19 have already paid their amount back. We have always believed in creating impacts through small ways and hope that this initiative could become a force of positive impact for all the students.

Global Shapers x Pahilo Kadam Collaboration

Global Shapers x Pahilo Kadam Collaboration

We have collaborated with Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub for their “Shaping Mental Health” Support Mapping campaign. For the first phase, we have compiled a directory of mental health professionals who provide high-quality, affordable, ethical, and non-judgmental services, based on the collective wisdom of people who have visited these professionals or know someone who has. The major objective of this project was to create a crowd-sourced database of mental health professionals in Nepal to improve public access to mental health.

If you need help, our Mental Health Professionals Database might have someone suitable for you. You can access the database here.

If you wish to ask a counselor anonymously or know more about different projects under Pahilo Kadam, please visit for further information.

Student Ambassadors for Shikshya Dikshya

We have initiated new mechanisms to ensure that the Shikshya Dikshya becomes more efficient and transparent this month. We now have official MoUs with Student Ambassadors of the school, where students receive scholarships. The ambassadors are responsible for providing first-hand information about the scholarship kids and keeping us updated with follow-up reports throughout the total scholarship duration. This would allow sponsors to know the progress of their sponsored students better and keep all involved parties accountable.

If you know someone who you think deserves a scholarship, visit to nominate.